Stainless Steel Staircases

High-quality stainless steel staircase for a modern look

stainless steel staircase

Are you looking for a staircase that has an exclusive appearance? Stainless steel staircase is a good choice.

Stainless steel’s familiar lustre creates an exquisite look. It can be easily combined with wood, stone or glass. Stainless steel staircase is a little more expensive but results in a modern and elegant appearance.

There are plenty of possibilities in terms of the material’s finish in order to produce the desired look.

Stainless steel requires no coating to protect it. It is rust and corrosion resistant. It does not stain with water as ordinary steel does.

The key point to keep in mind with stainless steel is that it cannot be regarded as completely maintenance free. ┬áTo maintain optimum appearance, the surface should be cared for regularly. The level of cleaning needed to keep stainless steel exquisite look depends on the grade of steel, location, design and owner’s aesthetic requirements.

Stainless steel benefits from frequent cleaning.

Methods of cleaning stainless steel:




Routine Cleaning (All finishes)

Soap or mild detergent and warm water
Using a soft cloth is recommended. Microfiber cleaning cloth is best. It does not scratch the surface and absorbs the water

Fingerprints (All finishes)
Soap and warm water

Glass cleaner

Fingerprints affect appearance only and do not have an effect on corrosion resistance

Shop oil or grease (All finishes)
Soap and warm water combination plus a solvent if the soap and water only doesn’t work

Shop oils may carry grease and metal chips that could affect corrosion resistance of stainless steel

At Ignac Metal Art we use only high quality stainless steel.


Please take a minute to browse our stainless steel staircase gallery below. We know you’ll find an inspiration for your next project.

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